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Exclusive interview with the famous Pig brothers

A large brick Tudor castle with stormy skies in the background.
Pig brothers’ main residence built in 2002. Photo by inkknife_2000 (7.5 million views +), CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The story of the three pigs is well known but our field reporter, Paul Coogan has scooped the real story behind the straw, sticks, and brick of the famous curly-tailed brothers.

Paul: Before we talk houses, why did you change your names?

Horst: Thanks for interviewing us, Paul. First understand…


Dumb in, dumber out.

A hand grabs an orange wig from a dummy head.
Student preparing for exam. Photo by Kamaji Ogino from Pexels

The proposal by right-wing and fringe academics to create a new university from scratch in opposition to the status quo is satire plum ripe for the picking. If you are looking for what is real, and who the players are, read my previous story.

I found the University of Austin…

Three Words Writing Challenge

A tour of my language history

Perl, Germany Wolfgang Staudt from Saarbruecken, Germany, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

My hometown is Perl. Not the German town bordered by France and Luxembourg but the Practical Extraction and Reporting Language developed by Larry Wall in 1987 and used to decode the human genome ten years later.

Perl is a fast-moving gritty place filled with one-liner hacks. There is no garbage…


If I hear any of these again, I’m taking hostages.

Jocular young men with laptops
Photo by CardMapr on Unsplash

Doing Things

Browsing the menu you overhear bits of conversation, especially when the waiter shows up and the patron’s nose goes up as well. “I’ll do the Margherita” the needle slides across the record as I repress the urge to say “no, you will ‘have’ the Margherita, and say please”. Nobody says…

Personal Stories

Three Words Writing Challenge

A Pacific Northwest Native American sculpture of a killer whale.
“Killer Whale” by Dale Faulstich 2010 at Sequim. Photo by the author.

Traveling in Washington State, my partner and I had the opportunity to visit the Makah Indian Reservation. Within its bounds is the most westerly point in the United States but more importantly, is the fishing village of Neah Bay and its people.

The importance of fishing is quite clear from…

Paul Coogan

Project Manager, Artist, and Data Visualization/Activist Geek

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