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My experience holding an open house during a pandemic

A baby in glee with a large graphic in the background of 1962.
Image of and by the author

Today is my 60th birthday and I am taking visitors all day. This should bring terror to you heart or at least concern for my safety. That was the challenge presented to me a few weeks ago. Following the proverbial advice of when life gives you lemons find the person…


From medieval times to the information age

Portrait of the author.
Self-portrait by the author.


After 60 years my collection of friends and family, though small, has become quite varied and cherished. They come from many walks of life, picked up along the meandering path to where I am now. As I was planning a virtual open house for my birthday I realized each person…


These headlines will grab readers the right way

A small girl reads “Hop on Pop”
Getting her Suess on. Photo by Josh Applegate on Unsplash

There is much advice here on Medium on how to create an attention-grabbing headline whether through the magic of power words or piquing curiosity through brevity but I have found a magical commonality threaded through these stories.

If you are looking for the magical formula, skip to the last part…

Paul Coogan

Project Manager, Artist, and Data Visualization/Activist Geek

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