Culture and Politics

Opinions based in as many facts as I can find.

My thoughts on clap count and the need for an un-clap button

Getting scooped by Steinbeck did not stop her

Ms. Psaki schooled Fox News and left us a lesson

John Irving demonstrates less is not necessarily more

Cheating Workers Out Healthcare Before It Was Cool

A call from Senator Harris’ office 2 weeks after Trump took office

Pandemic rebound risk

Preservation and accessibility in the face of growth

Making Sense of Public Data with Python and PHP

A Journey of Expertise and Bias

A Resource Guide for Writers

Books change our brains in some surprising ways

This Presidential Library Will Be the Most Important One

How we can all benefit from economic democracy

Caught in the crossfire of chalk art copyright

Time to get Nazi’s out of the military

The Capital Riot Reinforced My Convictions

These are not Religious Zealots

Project Manager, Artist, and Data Visualization/Activist Geek

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