My peanut butter needs stirring. This irks me. Yes, I know there is no-stir peanut butter, but I don’t trust it. Who knows how they homogenize the lumpy delight. This is a first world problem of the highest order and should not have my attention but damn it I didn’t claw my way into a position of privilege to be working a slippery spoon for an hour.

I’m a problem solver but this one has me stumped — help!

  • List a gig on Craigslist, but I’ve been stood up before just giving away free stuff.
  • Toss it and buy a new one — unfortunately, it is usually delivered this way and can’t knock off stars for something the delivery person can’t help. I’m spoiled but not cruel.
  • Use a watch winder. It will have to be a small jar and who’s going to do the transfer?

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