My Vaccination Today is Not the End

Reflections on Hope and Expectations

“I’m getting vaccinated today.”

Just seeing those words typed on a page leaves me with so many thoughts and emotions. It is not the excitement of Christmas or seeing the ocean after a long drive. There is no joy of receiving this nor is there the relief of being at the end of the road. It is much more complex.

I would prefer someone else to be in line ahead of me but as a loyal member of a healthcare organization I will be going with the game plan to get the entire staff vaccinated. There is no denying it is a privilege but it is also a responsibility and one I hope that every single person takes seriously.

Will my life change? Yes and no.

I will think less about whether my advanced healthcare directive and will are accurate. I will worry less when getting a runny nose from cooking spicy peppers. But in general life will be about the same for good long while.

Getting vaccinated might not prevent me from getting infected and transmitting the infection to my partner who has not been vaccinated yet. We won’t be achieving anything close to herd immunity for a very, very long time. In fact, the coming months may become even more complicated as some of the vaccinated population become asymptomatic spreaders and confusion regarding masks (mega-eye-roll) continues.

Today is day 293 of my shelter in place and the hospital has ordered remote work to continue to the end of June. So no, vaccination is not the bell ringing for recess, it’s one more step on this long march.

Project Manager, Artist, and Data Visualization/Activist Geek

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